Who Am I ?

I am an entrepreneur, Founder at Glamkad, Online ecoomerce  Store where we specialize in Women Fashion, Lifestyle, Personal & Feminine Care, Makeup & Beauty. As a True Indian Vegan, I have completed my Masters in Banaras Hindu University being Food & Culture my major interest. I dedicated myself in learning, exploring about the foods. I traveled 26  various countries to explore their culture & love for their cuisine. My quest doesn’t end here, learning about food & people’s relation to their food makes me feel happy. For my love for Vegan Indian Food, I run my own Classes in Kolkata, India. Now I want to spread & share my treasure of vegan recipe & lifestyle from 5000 year old culture that I have inherited from my forefathers to all the beautiful people of Southern California and help them living a herbal Green life, infuse Indian Vegan Recipe in their food habits. Show them how easy it is to give equality to animals & love them all !